Le fonds photographique AAnonymes animé et projeté en stop-motion et en musique Live spécialement pour le concert du dernier album du violonceliste américain Zackary Miskin « For your safety » (Naïve).

Paul Bourgois et Jeremy Boulard ont superbement contaminé les fonds photgraphique AAnonymes avec le monde mécanico-sensible d’Eadweard Muybridge.

À propos de Romaric Tisserand

Romaric Tisserand (Born.1974) Lives in Paris. Romaric Tisserand, is an independent curator and an art producer/editor. His work is focused on new perspectives and new practices in photography and contemporary art, developing online exhibition project “AAnonymes, the search of the deliberated accident” (2005-2009) and new media supports. He has supported and coordinated a series of non-western and emerging photography exhibitions, as well established artists : from the Lise Sarfati’s in Roma at the Villa Medicis (2009) to the Samuel Fosso’s monography at the Rencontres d’Arles (2008). He is also involved in artistic direction and production partnerships (PPT/Projets, Influent Culture) for artist’s projects. MBA graduate of history of contemporary art at the Paris Sorbonne University under the direction of Serge Lemoine. MBA graduate in International Business and BA in Comparative Law. www.AAnonymes.org www.pptprojets.com www.momogalerie.com www.influentculture.com
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